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Gambia Birdwatching Tours

A lot of birdwatching tours are possible in the Gambia. The possibilities are almost limitless. Very well known are the following area's:

Abuko Nature Reserve

Very well known, with a lot of different spcies. Also well known for it's monkeys. The habitat is mainly forest, low bushes and some creeks.

Tanji Bird Reserve

This is a coastal reserve of 612 hectares. Some 280 bird species can be seen here over the year.

Kotu Creek

Located near some of the hotels, so very easily accessible. The birdwatching trip here also takes you over the golfcourse, offering a nr. of different habitats in a small area, guaranteeing that you will see many different species in a short while.

Brufut Woods

Again a small area of open woodland, with also a pond that will surely attract some species.

Lamin Lodge

Near Lamin Lodge you can enter the mangroves in a boat. This will offer you a very relaxed way to discover this area with all it's species. Simply take your bird pictures from the boat....

Fathala Wild Park (Senegal)

Fathala wil park in Senegal can easily be visited from Gambia with a short trip. It will allow you to seem not only a lot of birds, but also Giraffes's, Rhino's, Antilopes and other big mammals.

Many more....

These are all just the more well-known area's, more special trips can be arranged if you contact Mahmoud.