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We will post reviews of Mahmoud's customers here. Please note that there are just a few testimonials yet, as the website is just founded in 2013, more will surely come:

Simon Kloostra, Netherlands:

"I met Mahmoud as the guide from the Ocean beach Hotel in Bakau. Every Saturday and Sunday you can meet him at the lobby at 17:00, where he will take you on a short trip by foot around the hotel and the surrounding area. We saw a lot of birds already in that hour and a half, and I could immediately tell that Mahmoud is a very experienced birdwatcher. It was unbelievable how accurate he could spot far away birds in grass or branches. Mostly he was able to determinate the species right away as well, where I had even trouble spotting the actual bird with my binoculars.

Especially with him being a very friendly person, I decided to book him for a trip to Abuko and Lamin Lodge the next day, followed by even 2 more short trips later in the week. In just those trips I spotted many birds, and had a wonderfull time. I would surely recommend Mahmoud as a guide to every birdwatcher who would go to Gambia."

Heleen, Netherlands:

"With a borrowed pair of binoculars (Mahmoud's) I could walk along with my husband and enjoy nature. Mahmoud will not rest untill you've seen the birds. He is a very relaxed and skilled guide. We went him on a few trips, also to the Fathala park, where we could enjoy a safaritrip and watch some of the big 5. I loved it."